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  • Stanley W. Ashley, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Seigo Kitano, Oita University
  • Ronald Matteotti, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Meridian Health

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  • Youssefi and colleagues propose that bone-added periodontal plastic surgery can be considered as a practical procedure for management of deep gingival recession without a buccal bone plate.
  • August and colleagues examine the factors leading to their transhiatal esophagectomy program achieving low mortality rates. The findings show that focus on avoiding "failure to rescue" and a surgeon-driven commitment to quality improvement may lead to low mortality rates for this surgical procedure.
  • Sessa and colleagues report on the new vascular connector (NVC), a hypothetical design of a vascular device, for creation and maintenance of sutureless vascular anastomosis. The authors claim that introduction of the safe and reliable NVC would shorten operation times and prevent operative and post-operative complications.
  • The zygapophysial facet joint is a primary pain generator in many chronic low back pain cases. Meisel and colleagues show that, after a 1-year follow-up, minimally invasive facet restoration implant is a safe and effective treatment option in patients with chronic lumbar zygapophysial pain who have tried other nonsurgical treatments. In 34 patients, back pain severity decreased 41%, and freedom from a device- or procedure-related serious adverse event after 1 year was 84%.

  • Stam et al. report the first-in-man application of Sylys® Surgical Sealant as an extraluminal adjunct to standard bowel anastomosis closure. Participants included 16 adults who were scheduled for an open ileostomy reversal procedure in two independent hospitals in the Netherlands. Adverse events were recorded in 12 of the 16 treated patients but were not considered to be related to Sylys® Surgical Sealant. As there were no reported clinical signs of anastomotic leakage, the authors concluded that Sylys® Surgical Sealant can be an effective adjunct to prevent bowel anastomosis closure.
  • Scroggie and Jones have reviewed studies utilizing fluorescent cholangiography (FC), an imaging technique that enables intra-operative imaging through fluorophores excreted via the biliary tract. By illuminating the extrahepatic biliary anatomy, FC can prevent bile duct injury during laparoscopic cholecystectomy, as well as detecting bile leaks and other intra-operative pathologies. Studies utilizing FC during laparoscopic cholecystectomy have shown that the technique is simple and safe, but it is still not ideal in the presence of biliary stones. More evidence is needed to determine long-term patient outcomes of utilizing FC.

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Editors' profiles

Prof Stanley W. Ashley

Prof Stanley W. Ashley
Professor Stanley W. Ashley is a gastrointestinal surgeon based at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA, where he serves as the Vice Chairman of the Department of Surgery and Program Director of the General Surgery Residency. He is also the Frank Sawyer Professor at Harvard Medical School and currently a director of the American Board of Surgery.

Prof Seigo Kitano

Prof Seigo Kitano
Professor Seigo Kitano is currently a Professor and Chairman at the Department of Surgery I in Oita University Faculty of Medicine, Japan. He is a visiting Professor at the University of Cape Town, Chang Gung Medical College and the University of California in Irvine. He is also the President of the Japan Society for Endoscopic Surgery, as well as Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society.

Dr Ronald Matteotti

Dr Ronald Matteotti
Dr Ronald Matteotti is currently a surgeon at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Meridian Health. Dr Matteotti holds specialty certificates in general, gastrointestinal and trauma surgery. His primary interest is hepato-biliary disease and gastro-intestinal cancer, especially minimally invasive approaches to gastric and colo-rectal malignancies. His research founded at Mount Sinai Hospital and furthered at Fox Chase Cancer Center includes pathophysiological changes during laparoscopy in a sepsis model and novel targets to treat hepato-cellular cancer. He has recently co-edited the book "Minimally Invasive Surgical Oncology: State-of- the-Art Cancer Management".

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